A well maintained landscape attracts attention. Lush, green turf, trimmed shrubs, trees and perennials, healthy plants, beautiful seasonal color and a consistent, snappy appearance throughout your site naturally draws the eye.

Properly maintained, your landscaping will attract better tenants, better investors and better customers, and improve morale because people love to live and work in attractive environments. It’s also a cost saver because it’s always less costly to maintain a healthy environment than to correct problems after they’ve spread.

At Benchmark Landscapes, our customers receive quality care from high-performance, experienced crews. Our crews are under the care of an account manager at each site who is dedicated to ensuring your concerns and site-specific issues and instructions are understood and followed correctly.

You’ll see the difference that consistent, high-quality maintenance can make. With Benchmark Landscaping, it’s not just maintenance—it’s an improvement.

Fertilization Program